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RPR Recruitment are based in Davidson House in Forbury Square Reading. Turns out the very lovely Security Manager there, Jeff King has a talent for poetry. A litte bit of flattery and encouragement later…he wrote this poem for us.


We are recruiters of everything tech

Just give us a ring, complete with your spec

We are a team of very fresh faces

Determined to fill all of your places


We are based in Reading, Davidson House

If you are the screen, we are the mouse

Listening eagerly, showing concern

Ensuring good service and trust that we earn


If you seek the right person, have a position to fill

Pick up the phone, we know the drill

Our competent staff will help you provide

The person you want which gives us great pride


A recruitment poem by Jeff King

Who we work with

IDG INFOR Iron Mountain Lloyds Banking Group Wincanton Google Telefonica